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HPE Advances Intelligent Storage Capabilities with AI and Cloud Automation for HPE 3PAR

July 2018 by Marc Jacob

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced new features to HPE 3PAR, so users can focus on unlocking the economic value of their data. Updates to HPE 3PAR include:

• New predictive support automation with HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most experienced AI for the data center, to drive even higher levels of application availability for HPE 3PAR environments
• Enhanced application automation for on-premise infrastructure with HPE 3PAR to accelerate DevOps for increased productivity and efficiency.

As businesses look to innovate faster, IT agility is critical. Intellistorage approach, coupled with flexible, consumption-based IT, eases the burden of administration and enables IT teams to focus on revenue generating priorities. The new capabilities of HPE 3PAR announced today help businesses accelerate digital transformation by delivering a self-improving infrastructure and self-service storage.

HPE InfoSight Predictive Analytics

HPE InfoSight is a cloud-based AI platform built on a unique approach to data collection and analysis, predicting and automating resolution to problems and continuously improving to make HPE storage smarter and more reliable. HPE InfoSight delivers HPE 3PAR customers a predictive analytics framework to anticipate and prevent issues across the infrastructure stack. HPE 3PAR users will now benefit from the HPE InfoSight capabilities to predict problems and automate resolution. This is in addition to the cross-stack analytics made available to HPE 3PAR customers, which provides IT the ability to resolve performance problems and pinpoint the root cause of issues between the storage and host virtual machines. Since releasing these capabilities, HPE InfoSight has already predicted and auto-resolved 85% of more than 1,500 complex, priority cases across the HPE 3PAR installed base.

HPE InfoSight enables a new and better product experience that applies data science and intelligent case automation to help minimize the possibility of a known issue ever being experienced in the installed base. HPE InfoSight observes, learns and predicts in real time, bringing the most experienced AI to the data center.

Enhanced integration with any automation framework for HPE 3PAR provides operational efficiency with self-service storage

Enterprises need to develop both mainstream, mission-critical applications and newer, cloud-native applications on the same infrastructure in order to scale and save costs due to multiple storage systems. HPE 3PAR is a DevOps and container-friendly platform, allowing users to run both mainstream and containerized applications on the same enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Today, HPE is also announcing:
• Powerful toolsets to automate and manage HPE 3PAR for the cloud, DevOps, virtualization and container environments. In addition to existing integration with Docker and Mesosphere DC/OS, HPE 3PAR now works with Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift to offer best-in-class automation and integration with the leading container platforms.
• A new plug-in for VMware vRealize Orchestrator, which empowers users with self-service storage automation through pre-built workflows to quickly deploy, and streamline storage management.
• Enhanced native infrastructure management toolchains to empower DevOps teams to be more agile. New pre-built blueprints for configuration management tools available for HPE 3PAR users - Chef, Puppet and Ansible, as well as language software development kits in Ruby and Python - enable DevOps teams to automate storage functions in native programming languages for faster application deliveries.

Customers expect the same experience on-premise as they do with the public cloud, including a high degree of automation, no upfront investment by only paying for what is consumed, elasticity of infrastructure, and a secure multi-tenant platform for onboarding unpredictable and heterogeneous workloads. HPE 3PAR has an architectural advantage to deliver these same capabilities on-premise by enabling customers to serve multiple user groups and applications while paying only for what they use via HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity.

Pricing and Availability
• HPE InfoSight predictive support automation is now available to all HPE 3PAR customers with an active support contract at no additional charge.
• Extended application automation features are now available to all HPE 3PAR customers at no additional charge.

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