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GrIDsure authenticates Microsoft’s latest remote application platform

April 2010 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

GrIDsure announced that its authentication system has been integrated into Microsoft’s UAG (Unified Access Gateway) platform. The solution has been developed in partnership with France-based Skynetrix.

GrIDsure’s solution is a software-based system that allows users to authenticate themselves with a one-time passcode using a pattern on a grid. By integrating with Microsoft’s system, a remote worker using UAG will be able to log in to the system. Whenever the user wishes to login, they are presented with a challenge grid of cells containing random numbers and they simply enter the numbers that correspond to their own Personal Identification Pattern (PIP). The numbers in the grid change each time the grid is presented, so the passcode entered is always a one-time code. This effectively eliminates the possibility of shoulder surfing, key logging and various other techniques used to steal passwords.

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