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Government issues cyber security guidelines for driverless cars: Comment from Fujitsu

August 2017 by Russell Goodenough, Client Managing Director: Transport Sector, Fujitsu

The UK government has issued new cyber security guidelines for connected and driverless cars. The commentary from Fujitsu on this development and the other issues that must be addressed for the UK to get the most benefit from driverless cars.

Russell Goodenough, Client Managing Director: Transport Sector, Fujitsu: “These cyber security principles are an extremely positive development. We know that driverless cars are coming to our roads, and faster than many people anticipate. However, there remain fundamental challenges to be addressed, which are continuing to fuel doubt and even resistance amongst the public regardless of evidence from long term studies. The issues of security and data privacy are crucial: we have already seen numerous cases of road signage and connected cars being hacked, and as autonomous vehicles become more commonplace there could be a very real threat to the public. In addition, the entire connected cars supply chain must work with others in the transport sector to ensure that security is built in from the ground up, to deliver security, integrity and peace of mind.

“There are also other questions about how exactly we want autonomous vehicles to fit into our society and national transport architecture. For example, driverless cars could revolutionise intercity and rural transport by picking up passengers on an ‘on demand’ basis, if considered in isolation it could diminish the role of buses and local rail services but if thought through could alleviate some of the pressures on what are often expensive and subsidised services. In cities, fleets of driverless cars could significantly reduce the need for parking spaces, opening up space and fundamentally changing the urban landscape, but the impact of congestion is hotly debated. To reap the full benefits of driverless cars, all stakeholders in the transport sector must begin to have these conversations now but these cyber security principles are a welcome first step.”

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