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GlobalPlatform Announces Board of Directors for 2023

February 2023 by Marc Jacob

GlobalPlatform has announced its Board of Directors for fiscal year 2023. Stéphanie El Rhomri of Fime continues in her role as Chair, with Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze of STMicroelectronics elected to the position of Vice Chair. Claus Dietze of Giesecke + Devrient Mobile Security takes over from Olivier as GlobalPlatform Treasurer and Secretary.

GlobalPlatform has also confirmed its Board members for 2023, where six seats were open. The following will serve a two-year term:
• Claus Dietze – Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
• Eikazu Niwano – NTT Corporation
• Jeremy O’Donoghue – Qualcomm
• Scott Migaldi – T-Mobile USA
• Richard Hayton – Trustonic
• Marc Kekicheff – Visa

Together, the group will continue GlobalPlatform’s work to bring trust and security to digital services and devices, with a strategic focus on driving initiatives that are supporting stakeholders from across different industries to respond to emerging cybersecurity requirements:
• Automotive cybersecurity: bringing the automotive value chain together to address requirements and foster solutions for cybersecurity management of secure components, over-the-air software updates and security evaluation, related to market demands and new automotive regulatory requirements from, for example, UNECE 155, UN 156, Right to Repair and SBOM.
• Digital identity wallets: identifying digital identity wallet use cases where GlobalPlatform technologies can enable security, privacy and frictionless deployment, with an immediate focus on the European Digital Identity Wallet scheme and addressing the long-term needs of European governments engaged in large-scale ID and eID deployments.
• IoT security certification: driving market adoption and recognition of the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT (SESIP) methodology, to simplify and lower the cost and effort of IoT security evaluation.
• Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) migration: enabling organizations to prepare towards the support of new cryptography trends and technologies, by examining how hybrid-cryptography can be implemented to ensure high levels of security, the protection of data and communication systems, and providing guidance on the approach to deploy for each phase of the migration to post-quantum cryptography.
• Software Bill of Materials (SBOM): analyzing the impact and providing guidance for the deployment of SBOM for telecoms, the medical device industry and automotive market, including a consistent means to produce, consume and exchange, software transparency and assurance information.

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