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Game Data for Half a Million e-Athletes Stored on EqualLogic SANs

October 2007 by Marc Jacob

Turtle Entertainment’s primary area of activity is e-sports (electronic sports), where multiple players compete in computer and video games. The immense growth of electronic sports and the related data traffic growth rates for electronic gaming caused the company’s storage environment to grow rapidly. By mid-2006, the huge success of Turtle Entertainment and the Electronic Sports League (ESL) meant that the existing storage systems, on which all of the ESL data resided, could not meet requirements. The direct-attached storage (DAS) system that Turtle was using was not sufficiently scalable, and resources were not used efficiently. Therefore, the company decided to evaluate a SAN solution for more flexibility, greater capability and, above all, easier administration.

Following evaluation, Turtle Entertainment chose an EqualLogic iSCSI SAN solution for its high level of scalability and integrated management tools, which, unlike other competitors’ offerings, were included in the overall price of the SAN,. Turtle Entertainment selected an EqualLogic PS3800XV SAS-based storage array and an EqualLogic PS400E SATA system to ensure a flexible tiered storage solution for its primary storage. With this combination, Turtle Entertainment can create different levels of storage within its overall storage pool, allowing data to be prioritised according to importance.

The EqualLogic storage arrays were easy to install, with the entire process controlled by an automated management interface that lead the IT manager step-by-step through the routine. Afterwards, the system independently configured itself and could be used immediately in the production environment.

With EqualLogic, Turtle Entertainment can centrally manage the front-end servers; this simplifies the process of system administration, saves on costs and increases disc life and storage capacity utilisation. Previously, when a server was shut down and no longer used for production operations, the DAS system for this server could not be used and the investment was lost.

Due to the success of this implementation, Turtle Entertainment has plans to add more EqualLogic storage arrays: another PS3800XV array and two additional PS400E systems are already in testing and are scheduled to go online soon.

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