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Gadgets can be hacked to produce ’dangerous’ sounds - comment from Fujitsu

August 2019 by Haroon Malik, Director of Cyber Security Consulting at Fujitsu UK

The Matt Wixey research, which found that everyday gadgets can be hacked to produce dangerous noises, and would like any additional commentary to go in your piece, please find below a response from Haroon Malik, Director of Cyber Security Consulting, Fujitsu UK. Haroon argues that more needs to be done to understand the impact of the vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

“This research shows how cybercriminals can move from the online to the physical realm to achieve their aims. Besides protecting the digital persona, people and organisations now need to consider these blurred lines and how hackers can cause physical harm. More must be done to understand the extent of the vulnerabilities that can be exploited and what the overall impact of this is. The fact that malware can be used to produce harmful noise goes to show how attack methods and compromise techniques are advancing at a phenomenal pace.

“This reinforces the importance of having a ‘security and privacy by design’ approach, which can help to protect personal data, as well as the physical safety of customers. Companies should ensure they are protecting devices from different avenues that a cybercriminal may take to attack their victims. By designing products where technology works in the background to protect against cyber exploits, people can have a level of assurance and confidence when purchasing and using their products. This includes protecting the physical wellbeing of customers.”

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