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Fujitsu leads development of energy-efficient CPUs and photonics smart NIC for next-generation green data centers under NEDO program

March 2022 by Marc Jacob

Fujitsu announced that it has been selected for the “Green Innovation Fund Project/Construction of Next Generation Digital Infrastructure” project in the field of “Technology Development of the Next Generation Green Data Center” by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). Fujitsu has been selected along with NEC Corporation, AIO Core Corporation, Kioxia Corporation, Fujitsu Optical Components Co., Ltd. and KYOCERA Corporation.

To address the challenge of increasing power consumption at data centers in today’s digital society, companies participating in this project will work to develop innovative solutions to realize greater energy efficiency, larger capacity, and lower latency in data centers to contribute to the achievement of a carbon-neutral society. Within this project, Fujitsu will lead the development of low-power consumption CPUs and photonics smart NIC optimized for next-generation green data centers. Additionally, Fujitsu Optical Components will work with Fujitsu to develop photonics smart NIC.

Through its contribution to this national initiative, The Fujitsu Group aims to strengthen the development of advanced computing and networks technologies that play a vital role in the digital infrastructure of society and to promote the use of total solutions globally, with the ultimate goal of achieving its commitment to delivering a more sustainable society through innovation.

As society makes a digital shift, demand for energy and sustainable solutions mounts facing growing energy demands from the ever-increasing needs of data centers, Japan’s NEDO has launched an ambitious initiative that aims to achieve energy savings of 40% or more in datacenters domestically by 2030. Development of low-power consumption CPUs and photonics smart NIC (The Fujitsu Group)

1. Low-power consumption CPUs

Fujitsu designs its own microarchitecture which is a key factor for CPU performance and power efficiency. This technology made it possible for the supercomputer Fugaku to achieve the world’s highest levels of performance and energy efficiency. Fujitsu will further refine this technology and develop a low-power consumption CPU that can be used in next-generation green data centers.

2. Photonics smart NIC

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Optical Components will develop a photonics smart NIC that reduces network power consumption in data centers by applying optical transmission technology that achieves greater efficiency in size and energy consumption, as well as greater data capacity, and by refining hardware and software technologies cultivated through the development of leading-edge optical transmission devices. Roles and Responsibilities

Fujitsu Limited - Development of low-power consumption CPUs and photonics smart NIC

NEC Corporation - Development of low-power consumption accelerators and disaggregation technologies

AIO Core Corporation - Development of photoelectric fusion devices Kioxia Corporation - Development of Wideband SSD Fujitsu Optical Components Co., Ltd. - Development of photonics smart NIC KYOCERA Corporation - Development of photonics smart NIC Comment from Vivek Mahajan, Corporate Executive Officer, CTO, Fujitsu Ltd.:

“We are excited to take on the challenge of developing leading-edge technologies for energy efficient CPUs (code name: “FUJITSU-MONAKA (tentative name)”) and photonics smart NIC as part of our work with NEDO. Fujitsu will harness this technology to deliver robust, yet environmentally-sustainable digital infrastructure that takes full advantage of Fujitsu’s strengths in areas like computing and network technologies. I am confident that our work on this initiative will help demonstrate Japan’s technological capabilities, and show how Fujitsu can lead the way globally in innovation that contributes to the realization of a carbon-neutral and sustainable society."

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