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Fujitsu dir of cybersecurity consulting comment on Mimecas

May 2019 by Haroon Malik, Director of Cyber Security Consulting at Fujitsu UK

A report from Mimecast has found that almost two-fifths of global executives have fallen victim to an email-based cyber attack over the last year. The research found that 38% of senior executives have experienced email-based spoofing where cyber criminals disguise themselves as trusted contacts.

The comments from the industry, Haroon Malik, Director of Cyber Security Consulting at Fujitsu UK has provided his thoughts on this report below:

“Considering senior executives have access to some of the most sensitive information and data, it is worrying to see there is no slowdown in how many are falling victim to email-based cyberattacks. Senior executives are targeted for a number of reasons, ranging from their external profile, influence in an organisation and access to sensitive information (particularly Personally Identifiable Information).

“As a result, cyber-resilience should always start at the top and be led by the executive team, and it must be underpinned by a responsible culture and behaviours. Human error is often a significant factor in data breaches, and therefore senior executives are not immune from phishing attacks. As we have seen from a number of recent cases, this could lead to data theft and significant financial loss.

“Senior executives are slowly beginning to recognise they are being targeted by cybercriminals, but much more needs to be done to combat this. Organisations should adopt a two-pronged approach by complementing employee training and awareness at all levels, combined with continued investment in technical and security controls.”

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