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Fujitsu comments on news that Ticketmaster breach

June 2018 by Sarah Armstrong-Smith, ‎Head Continuity & Resilience at Fujitsu UK & Ireland

Ticketmaster has admitted that personal data has been stolen in a hack attack.

In response to this, Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Head Continuity & Resilience at Fujitsu UK & Ireland reiterates that because even the best-run organisation is vulnerable to an attack, we all need to collectively ensure that we’re doing everything possible to proactively prevent a hack from happening:

“What is clear from this latest attack is that every organisation, be it public or private, small or large, is vulnerable to an attack. Although there is no denying that organisational awareness is on the rise, those behind breaches are finding new and creative ways to bring an organisation to its knees.

“As attackers always have the initiative, even the best-run company could suffer from a hack or data theft. With GDPR in full force, companies need to be aware of all the channels cyber criminals can use to infiltrate the company and steal data, and take proactive steps to safeguard it. The ripple effects of an attack no longer stay within the four walls of an organisation, and businesses of all sizes must remain on the front foot to proactively identify and manage threats instead of waiting for breaches to happen.

“After all, cybercrime is not a probability, it is an inevitability. It will be the way in which organisations prepares for it, however, that can make all the difference.”

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