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Fujitsu comment on news thate CompTIA moves to plug cyber security skills gap

June 2018 by Sarah Armstrong-Smith, ‎Head Continuity & Resilience at Fujitsu UK & Ireland

As you might have seen, the tech association CompTIA has launched a new programme designed to deliver cybersecurity training to those normally unable to commit to traditional courses, such as parents or full-time carers.

In response to this, Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Head Continuity & Resilience at Fujitsu UK & Ireland commented with the following:

“With employees on the front line of the cybersecurity battle, improving awareness and training is just one way to help organisations to remain on the front foot. The shortage of talent in cybersecurity is namely down to a lack of opportunities and skilled workers. The news that a new cybersecurity retraining scheme has been launched in an effort to address the widening skills gap businesses are facing is therefore welcomed.

“With hackers becoming more creative and savvy in their approach to cyber-attacks, a cybersecurity team which lacks diversity is more likely to leave a company vulnerable to attacks. Because different groups bring a variety of ideas and ways of thinking, a more diverse and inclusive cybersecurity team will be key in facilitating a broader range of ideas and perspectives about how to prevent an attack from taking place. It is only by engaging a diverse array of people in cybersecurity that we can hope to adequately defend the UK.”

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