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Fujitsu comment on news that Virgin Media urges customers to change password over hacking risk

June 2017 by Ollie Hart, Head of Enterprise & Cyber Security, UKI, Fujitsu UK & Ireland

As you may have seen, the news this morning that Virgin Media has urged over 800,000 customers to change their password over a hacking risk points towards a simple truth – it has never been harder to protect your business. The comment of Ollie Hart, Head of Enterprise & Cyber Security, UKI, Fujitsu UK & Ireland.

“Whilst cybercrime has risen up on everyone’s agenda, the latest from Virgin Media that one of its routers could be open to a potential attack is a prime example of how organisations still have a long way to go to ensuring a completely safe professional and personal environment. With data fast becoming the new currency, it’s ever clearer that the maturation of the digital industry has brought its own set of unique challenges and businesses are not quite there when it comes to addressing the cybercrime challenge.

We need to start seeing more proactivity when it comes to tackling cybercrime before an attack happens. Fortunately in the case of Virgin Media, they were able to identify where a potential vulnerability was in their system before an attack could happen, but many organisations aren’t as quick on their feet. Once an attacker is in its too late, taking for granted the social contract that makes people feel they can trust the organisation they’re giving their data over to.

And with the next major cyberattack a “when” not an “if”, organisations, governments and businesses need to be investing in the people, processes and technologies required to bolster their cyber defenses.”

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