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Fraud Management Technologies Pty Ltd has changed its corporate name to FMT Worldwide Pty Ltd

February 2008 by Frédéric Donnette, Global Security Mag EFYTIMES

According to the company, the new name more effectively depicts the company’s frontline middleware technology, which delivers more than fraud management. FMT Worldwide’s solutions add agility and help enhance and secure Internet applications.

Meanwhile, the company also released FMT Octopus version 4.0. FMT Octopus is a middleware plug-in that wraps itself around Web applications. With version 4.0, it is now unleashing its capabilities toward helping e-businesses bolster application functionality, mitigate risks, improve online security and enhance marketing.

The functions of FMT Octopus version 4.0 include: determine geographical location, detect data mining and orchestrated attacks, track users from a single location, prevent identity sharing, deliver and recieve alerts and SMS, add advertising, match names with and maintain blacklists, detect unusual behaviour patterns, gather data to counter new fraud and security threats, reduce back-end case loads, measure performance statistics, manipulate third-party applications without code changes, inspect data between browsers and applications during testing, challenge users performing high-risk transactions, implement land speed rules and identify IP addresses, check IP addresses against known compromised servers, export data to repositories, implement e-channel risk scorecards, change the look and feel of third-party static applications, integrate third-party data services, real-time volume rules processing, and device identification.

In addition to its name change, FMT Worldwide has launched a new company website at

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