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Foxstream presents its new version of FoxTool, the necessary tool to security solution design & conception.

February 2017 by Marc Jacob

Foxstream, French Software Company founded in 2004, has been offering its free FoxTool software for several years. This software dedicated to integrators and A&E Firms is used to design intrusion detection solutions when securing a site. FoxTool offers an upstream study of a security project, as it generates surveillance zones linked to cameras’ location. It clearly indicates which areas are effectively within the video content analysis range and which areas aren’t covered. This vital study allows simulating different intrusion scenarios or implantation projects, depending on the camera model, and thus guarantees that the VCA will work properly once deployed. It helps the integrator connect and share with the end user on the best possible approach, thanks to the co-working done on the solution’s design.

The software operation is simple and intuitive. You simply need to import the site’s map, place the cameras and chose their brand and focal length: the surveillance zone automatically appears. It is highly recommended to place the potential obstacles on the map thanks to the specific tools developed to that end, in order to simulate realistic surveillance conditions and test the impact on the detection.
FoxTool has been tested last year by Benchmark Magazine in their April 2016 issue: it has been recommended for its fast installation, simple use and efficacy.

Updates from the latest version

As Foxstream strives for continuous improvement, it decided end 2016 to update its FoxTool software to add extra features, for a faster and simpler use and more complete and realistic functionalities. 3D blocks have been added to simulate the presence of cars, buildings, walls (etc.) and design a more realistic and modern simulation. A pre-established list of camera brands and models has also been added, with the different focal length offered for a faster choice and impact visibility on the map. It is now also possible to export the created map as an image, and add questions or commentaries to share information or discuss the created solution. The PDF report that is automatically generated is more detailed and contains 3D camera views.

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