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Fortify’s IT Experts say start preparing now for Office 2000 security patch service withdrawal from July 14

June 2009 by Fortify Software

Fortify Software, the application vulnerability specialist, is warning companies to take action now and prepare for Microsoft’s withdrawal of its security update service for Office 2000 from July 14 onwards this year.

"That date is, of course, Patch Tuesday, so Office 2000 users can expect their last security patches for this still-popular version of Office to be issued on that date," said Richard Kirk, Fortify’s European director.

"From that date onwards, however, if any security threats are discovered with this version of Office, no patches or updates will be issued," he added.

Although companies should now start preparing to upgrade to later versions of the software, Kirk says that users of customised applications - typically operating as a macro extensions of Office 2000 - should start reworking their specialist software as soon as practicable.

This, he explained, is because the development process will take time, especially since firms should also include program code auditing in their software’s development.

Organisations using custom Office extension applications should also, he went on to say, avoid the temptation to carry on using Office 2000.

"As soon as we reach July 14, the malware clock will start ticking on this version of Office and there will undoubtedly be hackers preparing to exploit this weakness in firm’s security armour," he said.

"This is no reflection on the efficacy of Microsoft’s software, merely the fact that hackers and malware developers will now be gunning for Office 2000. Companies need to be aware of this possibility and prepare accordingly," he added.

For more on Microsoft’s withdrawal of Office 2000 security updates.

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