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Foregenix partners with Semafone to help call centres reduce PCI scope and risk

September 2011 by Marc Jacob

Foregenix and Semafone announced a partnership that will enable call centre clients to significantly reduce their PCI scope, risks and associated costs by removing cardholder data from the call centre environment.

Semafone, the leading global secure voice transaction system, enables customers to enter data via their telephone keypad instead of speaking it over the phone to the call centre agent, meaning that the cardholder data does not enter the call centre environment.

Foregenix, an information security specialist, has developed a market-leading cardholder data discovery solution called FScout, which enables its clients to identify unprotected “rogue” cardholder data in their business systems. Once the data has been identified, it can then be secured, or securely removed. FScout also provides ongoing monitoring and assurance that no more rogue data is leaking into the environment.

Via the partnership, Semafone will secure all future transactions by preventing cardholder data from entering the call centre, while FScout will enable call centres to identify all historic cardholder data stored on their systems and provide ongoing assurance that no more unprotected cardholder data can enter the environment and affect their risk or PCI DSS compliance.

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