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Florian Malecki, Arcserve: Backup, recovery and immutable storage solutions must become the cornerstone of organisations’ cyber security strategies!

April 2022 by Marc Jacob

During IT & Cybersecurity Meeting 2022 edition, our editorial team met Florian Malecki who has just been promoted to Executive Vice-President - Global Marketing at Arcserve. He took the opportunity to take us through his strategy. For him, backup, recovery and immutable storage solutions must become the cornerstone of cybersecurity strategies for companies of all sizes, from SMBs to the Enteprise.

Global Security Mag: How did you find the 2022 edition of IT & Cybersecurity Meeting?

Florian Malecki: This edition was very productive. As the last one took place in September 2021, I was a bit worried that there would not be a good turnout. On the contrary, Weyou Group was able to secure new prospects who came in large numbers. In the end, it was a very good event where we identified a significant number of new opportunities.

Global Security Mag: You have just been promoted Executive Vice-President of Marketing at Arcserve, what will your strategy be?

Florian Malecki: Our strategy is to provide the most appropriate solutions to meet our customers and prospects’ requirements in order to protect and strengthen their data resilience. This approach requires a good understanding of their business issues and IT environment. This is why we continue to capitalise on our channel partners, who have very close relationships with end-user customers. Also, we continue to actively support our existing partners (MSPs and VARs) while improving their knowledge of our products solutions. We are also working with our distributors to recruit new partners.

In parallel, we relentlessly work to identify new projects directly and then team-up with our partners to help organisations protecting their most critical data, that play a critical part with regards to their business continuity strategy.

This consulting approach is more essential than ever. The ever growing amount of cybercrimes, combined with the more usual risks of disaster, calls for an in-depth thinking with regards to data resilience.

Global Security Mag: What is your flagship solution for 2022?

Florian Malecki: In 2022, we are focusing on our Unified Data Resilience Platform, which offers prevention, protection and recovery for physical, virtual and SaaS environments. This enables users to benefit from a complete and unique solution to protect their infrastructure, as it integrates on-premises, cloud and SaaS cybersecurity and data protection, as well as immutable secondary storage.

At IT & Cybersecurity Meeting 2022, we saw a significant amount of requests for Microsoft 365 and Google WorkSpace data backup and recovery, as well as immutable storage for backups and cold data.

Global Security Mag: Who is the target audience?

Florian Malecki: It is aimed at both MSPs and companies of all sizes.

Global Security Mag: What is your message to our readers?

Florian Malecki: In a recent report, the ANSSI said “the specialisation and professionalisation of cybercriminals, particularly in the area of ransomware", a trend that should encourage IT decision makers and business owners to take a proactive approach and think ahead before an incident occurs. The current context of heightened geopolitical tensions should also call for caution and planning. As such, IT professionals really need to consider backup and recovery and immutable storage solutions as the cornerstone of their cyber security strategy.

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