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FireMon announced expanded capabilities for API integrations with ServiceNow, Cisco ACI and Swimlane

February 2020 by Marc Jacob

FireMon announced expanded capabilities for API integrations with ServiceNow, Cisco ACI and Swimlane to help customers improve network security visibility, control, and efficiency while maximising the value of their investments in security and IT service management systems. The FireMon API provides security professionals unlimited flexibility to customise change management workflows, increase visibility across tools and infrastructures, and maximise resources and cost efficiencies.

FireMon offers a robust set of API integrations that dramatically increase security, provide a new level of flexibility and help to accelerate security deployment timelines. Providing industry-leading capabilities, FireMon supports out-of-the-box, API-driven, and custom integrations with an ecosystem of security operations technologies critical to threat detection, response, policy enforcement and IT service management.

Newly Enhanced FireMon API Integrations Enable Security and IT System Management Flexibility

· IT Service Management (ITSM) Integration with ServiceNow: Customers can work with their existing ServiceNow workflows to create policy-driven actions from FireMon Policy Planner, which enables security operations teams to implement changes with absolute precision across the rule lifecycle. This integration also eliminates the need to create new workflows, while easily embedding security capabilities into current IT management processes in a shorter timeframe.

· Software Defined Network (SDN) Integration with Cisco ACI: The Cisco ACI integration can span across hybrid infrastructures, including physical, virtual, and multi-cloud environments to deliver consistent visibility, adaptive control via effective policy management, and application-centric security. The integration increases overall enterprise security infrastructure and accessibility in one location and provides continuous compliance through adaptive network security enforcement.

· SOAR Integration with Swimlane: Provides a new highly integrated security, orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) workflow to decrease security operations process time. It supports continuous compliance through centralised collection and storing of security-related changes happening across the enterprise. The integration also improves efficiencies by diversifying use cases for threat detection and mitigation and by better incorporating with SecOps teams to help manage future network changes and needs.

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