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FilesDNA launch leveraging AI and blockchain prevents fraud by guaranteeing cross-country electronic document security

February 2022 by Marc Jacob

Multi-factor authentication and multiple security levels for document sharing via FilesDNA includes mobile authentication, fingerprint, 2FA, NFC card and password

Borderless Security has announced the availability of FilesDNA, an advanced e-signature solution that lends the integration of the company’s custom security protocols into a new offering for digital management of files and contracts being shared globally.

FilesDNA leverages blockchain technology to create a safe, secure and convenient solution for signing paperwork, contracts and legally binding documents. Driven by AI and ML integration, FilesDNA provides a user-friendly process for ID verification of every signed user, to eliminate fraudulent activities via blockchain integrity. It also utilises a voice recognition system that captures the unique parameters of a user’s voice to provide an additional layer of security, to protect their identity and e-signature.

By including cyber security software, FilesDNA offers a number of extra levels of verification of signatories to empower users worldwide with full control over their documents and assurance against fraud, which is essential for cross-country business and securing operational channels.
Dashboard - verification.JPG

Thanks to FilesDNA verifying every step of the document signing process from authorised business personnel and contractor IDs to buyers and sellers, it protects electronic documents that require both digital and electronic signatures, using the application of artificial intelligence. This innovative cutting-edge technology helps prevent fraud, forgery and other criminal behaviour when sharing sensitive information and important documents.

Providing a secured and easy to use platform, FilesDNA is optimized for speed and convenience. Users can access documents from multiple devices, and sign them online and on the go. This easy to use electronic signature software was designed to help businesses and individuals work more effectively but most importantly helps create a secure digital world. At the same time, the company behind FilesDNA aims to reduce environmental impact as, by using E-Signature rather than paper for contracts, FilesDNA would save around 2 billion trees per year, currently being used for office paper production.

Although there are a number of alternative e-signature software and digital file management solutions already active in the market, FilesDNA differentiates itself from competitors, thanks to key features including:

 Blockchain integration: for maximum security, FilesDNA’s online document signing services use the Ethereum blockchain, similar to what protects cryptocurrency, to encrypt the hash value for each e-document. So, users can verify the integrity of each signature, making it a bulletproof defence against forgery.

 AI, ML and the Smart Signature Pad: users can sign documents via a wireless pen for improved accuracy. This enables users to input their own signature, but it also makes forgery difficult as FilesDNA employs artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to learn and secure signatures, thanks to the signature pad being able to identify the features of users’ individual penmanship. If someone attempts to forge the user’s signature, the Smart Signature Pad detects that and alerts users to the signature being invalid, while rejecting forged and invalid signatures.

 Voice recognition system: As an extra layer of security, FilesDNA can capture the unique parameter of a person’s voice to protect their identity and e-signature.

 NFC TAG signatures: adding another layer of security to work with two-factor authentication, users can sign documents using their own unique Near-Field Communication (NFC) TAG, as the NFC linked to their account cannot be accessed, signed and edited by anyone but the individual.

 User verification: FilesDNA offers a wide variety of security features suitable for any company. Alongside its voice recognition system, it also has fingerprint identification, so users can sign documents using their individual fingerprint, AI fraud prevention, passport and ID verification, so users can scan their passport to prove their identity. These combined with the best encryption methods at their disposal means that FilesDNA can ensure documents remain safe.

 Multiple Language OCR: Optical character recognition allows FilesDNA’s systems to detect text, whether that be typed or handwritten, allowing users to easily search for key terms and essential information. As a multilingual program complete with translation features, it is an excellent facilitator for global business collaboration.

 PDF security features: prevents PDFs from being edited, tampered with, duplicated, or otherwise compromised.

 PKI: PKI systems maintain a unique digital signature for each user. Private Key Infrastructure ensures the validity of each document.

 FilesDNA Mobile App: Platform cross-compatibility is becoming essential in the workplace for effective and efficient document sharing and collaboration. This is why FilesDNA developed a mobile application to view, manage and even sign documents no matter where users are located globally.

 Document Scanning Solution: this enables users to scan files directly from their mobile phone with professional quality results. They can then crop, rotate, and edit as required before converting the document to a PDF ready to be saved.

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