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Facebook Outage comment: Infoblox

October 2021 by Cricket Liu, Chief DNS Architect at Infoblox

Facebook and its various social media services, including Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, were out of action for almost six hours (

Cricket Liu, Chief DNS Architect at Infoblox has this comment which can be used in any article that you may be writing on the topic. His photograph is attached. “DNS gets a bad rap - “It’s always DNS” is a frequent saying. But in this case, BGP seems to be the actual culprit behind these widespread outages. It’s easy to conflate the two. BGP outages are fairly frequently mistaken for DNS, since you need BGP routes to get to a company’s DNS servers. And it’s easy for a layperson to check whether a company’s DNS servers are accessible, and not so easy to check BGP routing tables.

While we’ve seen several DNS outages over the past year, we should note that this conduit to the external world is a great first responder to cyberattacks because more than 90% of threats touch DNS on the way in and out of the network."

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