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FTTH Council Europe welcomes the commitment to Fibre in the 5G Manifesto

July 2016 by The FTTH Council Europe

The FTTH Council Europe welcomes the 5G Manifesto, published today by the European Commission, which seeks to ensure that Europe is at the forefront of 5G evolutions. The FTTH Council Europe participated as an observer in the process leading up to the creation of the 5G Manifesto and is pleased to note the recognition given to fibre and the need to invest in fibre networks to achieve 5G in Europe.

The FTTH Council Europe has always seen Europe’s telecoms infrastructures as an ecosystem in which no part could be judged on its own. Fibre is the bedrock of that ecosystem on which all other aspects depend. 5G deployments will require fibre backhaul if the benefits of 5G investments are to be realised in industry and society. Given the smaller cell sizes associated with 5G networks, particularly in urban areas, a step change in fibre investments will be needed.

The 5G Manifesto published today recognises the need for wider fibre network deployments along with the need to create the right incentives to achieve those fibre investments.

FTTH Council Europe’s President Ronan Kelly said: “I am really pleased to see the industry and the Commission all singing from the same hymn sheet on 5G. Ensuring 5G success in Europe is a complex issue with many enabling factors to be coordinated, including fibre deployments. The need to accelerate fibre investments is now accepted and creating the right incentives for those fibre investments is the critical consideration in the Review of the Regulatory Framework due after the summer. The FTTH Council Europe will do everything it can to ensure that the right incentives are put in place.”

“The FTTH Council Europe now expects to see the revised Digital Agenda Targets for broadband beyond 2025 reflecting the need to have fibre backhaul ubiquitously available,” commented Ronan Kelly. “We need FTTH investments not only to support 5G deployments but also to ensure an adequate level of connectivity for consumers and industry and that we are well placed for the next technology evolutions” he added.

Regulation is a key topic for the FTTH Council Europe this year, and will be discussed at the FTTH Conference in Marseille, France, on 14-16 February 2017.

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