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F-Secure comments on Biden administration preparing for cyber retaliation

March 2021 by Matthew Connor Senior Service Delivery Manager at F-Secure

Following the news that the Biden administration is preparing for retaliation following nation-state cyberattacks such as the SolawWinds and Microsoft’s email breach incident, Matthew Connor Senior Service Delivery Manager at F-Secure comments the following:

“Physical wars are passé. These kinds of attacks and the retribution for them has been going on for decades. The difference could be if one side publicly defines the rules that they are going to play with in the future. Such rules might provide a useful deterrent to antagonists but, might also create internal discomfort when managing essential foreign relationships.

In this case the damage is twofold. Clearly valuable information has been lost and, worse, it is now public. Russia can deny, despite how strong the evidence might be, and escalate any actions taken against them. A new president has to show strength, but this one might have wanted to keep any necessary retribution out of the public eye”.

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