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F-Secure comment: Twitch data leak

October 2021 by Jarno Niemelä, principal researcher at F-Secure

Following the news around the Twitch data leak today – Jarno Niemelä, principal researcher at F-Secure offers the following comment:

“This leak is very serious for Twitch, but the question is what effects this will have for the regular Twitch user.

As password hashes have leaked, all users should change their passwords, and use 2FA if they are not doing so already.

But as the attacker indicated that they have not yet released all the information, anyone who has been a Twitch user should review all information they have given to Twitch and see if there are any precautions they need to make so that further private information isn’t leaked.

And while it won’t help in this case as data has already leaked, users should always be cautious on what kind of information they provide to any social media platform.”

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