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F-Secure, KAON, and Incognito make connected home security as easy as plugging in a router

October 2021 by Patrick LEBRETON

Service providers can now deploy gateway security services for the entire home in weeks, not months.

Cyber security provider F-Secure, KAON Broadband, a source of integrated solutions featuring home network devices and associated revenue-generating services, and Incognito, a leading global provider of broadband service orchestration software solutions, have announced a new combined offering that delivers a fully integrated end-to-end connected home security offering with endless expansion capabilities.

The joint proposition enhances service delivery, remote management, and security for communication service providers by combining KAON’s Quantum Platform, Incognito’s Digital Experience (DX) Auto Configuration Server solution, and F-Secure SENSE.

KAON’s Quantum Open Standard Platform enables service providers to seamlessly add new services. The App Store features a cross-section of services available through an open source-based license free platform.

Incognito’s DX Auto Configuration Server solution ensures containerized services on the routers get installed, activated, and are easily updated so that F-Secure SENSE always provides best protection capabilities against the ever-changing threat landscape.

F-Secure SENSE allows consumers to easily protect and easily manage the security of the internet-enabled devices in their home—from computers to smart TVs to baby monitors.

According to F-Secure’s Offerein, the partnership ties multiple critical services together into one simple deployment.

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