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Exterro Collaborates with Microsoft on Forensics Platform to Help Law Enforcement Bring Criminals to Justice Faster

May 2021 by Emmanuelle Lamandé

Exterro Inc. announced they have teamed up with Microsoft to deliver a cloud-based digital forensics platform for law enforcement agencies worldwide. Designed to counter rising data volumes, data complexity and resource constraints, the combination of Exterro’s Forensic Toolkit (FTK®) Lab on Microsoft Azure delivers improved forensic readiness, collaboration, and processing of data at scale designed to provide faster time to justice. The solution has already been chosen by one of the UK’s largest regional police forces.

FTK Lab provides unique depth of automation, orchestration, ease of use, data diversity and support for complex environments. It allows multiple evidence sets to be loaded and processed into single or multiple cases at the same time, with or without human intervention. This includes data from computers, mobiles, other PDAs, cloud data or loose files. It also encourages the enhancement of forensic ecosystems by allowing customers to import data from competitive solutions in the form of report ingestions, load file ingestions or directly via the restful API. By using Azure services and on demand auto-scaling, FTK Lab’s distributed processing technology is able to achieve maximum output with a direct, positive impact on speed and cost. This results in a significant reduction in evidence backlogs and far faster processing of data in the future.

Exterro’s FTK product portfolio hosted on Azure reduces the steps, complexities, and costs from intervention to prosecution of digital crimes. With the Exterro FTK Lab solution on Azure, this previously cumbersome process is streamlined, integrated, and automated within existing workflows, and efficiency is improved via consistent and repeatable forensically sound processes.

The Exterro solution on Azure is architected to compensate for existing data backlogs. and consistent and repeatable steps for processing data enable ongoing efficiencies. Ease of use empowers front line officers to analyze their own cases. Costs are lowered by reducing the overall steps, travel time and man-hours required from intervention to prosecution. Automated validation within the solution provides confidence to officers in the results of the data processing.

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