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Expert security comment for Data Privacy Day

January 2021 by Experts

The comment by Versa Networks and IntSights for Data Privacy Day:

Mike Wood, CMO at Versa Networks comments on the importance of securing a remote workforce this year:

“We anticipate some drastic changes to the world of work as companies re-evaluate their use of traditional workspaces. With this in mind, organisations that have managed to scrape by on ill-suited and outdated remote working set-ups need to take the opportunity to adapt their operations with a more long-term strategy. To enable a hybrid workforce, security is key, and integrating solutions such as SASE which includes services such as Secure SD-WAN, SWG, ZTNA, and segmentation, will allow the best security practices an organisation can put in place. Investing in and implementing solutions that can ensure privacy of your remote worker’s data is key this year and going forward because who knows how long we’re going to be in a situation where companies are supporting a hybrid workforce.”

Chris Strand, Chief Compliance Officer at IntSights comments on how to individuals and companies can keep their data safe now that the UK has left the EU:

“On Data Privacy day there are many perspectives on the protection of data that come to mind. I believe that an important example to focus in on is the rate of change that the world has experienced recently, and how that change has affected the value of data. Recent world events have accelerated the focus, concern, and value of data at all levels.

For example, the recent departure of the UK from the EU means that individuals and businesses alike, need to understand that the EU GDPR no longer applies to the UK. That said, the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) continues to apply for the UK, and it incorporates provisions of the EU GDPR with some adjustments and amendments that apply to the UK only. For companies dealing with the EU-UK change, there are still many standard best practices to follow in order to protect consumer and personal data for the UK. There is no need to change these standards under the UK DPA 2018 as the rules that have been put in place for the GDPR will help ensure that companies are complying with data protection. UK companies should still strive to practice minimal data collection, and only collect the data they need in order to conduct business-as-usual activities. With the change, now would be a good time for UK companies to revisit their operational policies as they pertain to data use within their business. A good understanding of the BAUs will enable UK companies to limit the data required to conduct business just as it always has under the umbrella of the GDPR. UK companies may also want to consider a review of their customer consent policies and ensure that they are up to date for any data collection activities that they have in place or intend on modifying.”

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