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Expert comment on Biden’s exec order

May 2021 by Chad McDonald, CISO at

The comment by Chad McDonald, CISO at on Biden’s signing of the executive order and the importance of security.

“The new executive order underscores that security is not a ‘point in time’ strategy – it must be continuously and strenuously assessed to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated bad actors. This is a good start, but policy alone will not solve these issues. Enterprises worldwide need to consider security a priority from software planning and development through to delivery. Attacks like the one on the Colonial Pipeline are not new and are certainly not going away.  The reality is that they are likely to become more frequent, complex and catastrophic. Enterprises and governments need to consider readying a proactive response to these events otherwise they may find themselves dealing with attacks that harm human life, cost millions or even billions of dollars, and irreparably damage trust and brands.”

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