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Expert Commentary: Improving Observability in DevOps Lifecycles

May 2022 by Brian Rue, Co-founder and CEO of Rollbar

DevOps lifecycles need to be more efficient and highly observable in order for developers to better fix problems and optimize systems.

Brian Rue, Co-founder and CEO of Rollbar offers his insights on methods to improve observability and governance in the DevOps lifecycles :

“As the cycle of software development speeds up to meet customer demand for more features, the release cycle and DevOps cycles also need to speed up. Ultimately, DevOps is about shipping code to users. So how can we make the cycle more efficient? There are two different planes to the DevOps cycle, the plane of infrastructure and the plane of code. One way to make the process more efficient is to help move DevOps out of the way. Giving developers their own observability into how their own code is functioning is one way to make the whole cycle more efficient and faster. Giving developers observability tools that are tailored to the code simplifies governance because DevOps no longer has to be the go-between, to get developers logs and other information they need to debug and fix code issues. Automating these tools also helps make the process more efficient and also more easy to manage. That makes governance more efficient and the whole process faster.”

Additionally, Rollbar recently announced new and updated software development kits (SDKs) and capabilities. These SDKs keep Rollbar current on both older, but very significant, platforms like .Net, PHP and Laravel and the fastest-moving platforms like Apple iOS, React, Typescript and Flutter.

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