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Expert Comment: White House Unveil New National Cyber Workforce Strategy

August 2023 by Joseph Carson, Advisory CISO and Chief Security Scientist chez Delinea

Reaching out as you may have seen in the news that the White House have unveiled a new National Cyber Workforce Strategy. Joseph Carson from Delinea has commented on this new strategy and how it needs to go further than addressing just the short-term industry needs but a long-term vision into what the future cyber requirements will be.

The latest news from the White House on the National Cyber Workforce Strategy is great news but it must go further than addressing the short-term industry needs and provide a long-term vision into what the future cyber requirements will be.

Computer literacy, cybersecurity, coding skills, engineering, data analytics and AI must all be part of the next generations basic skills, making it a digital strategy that includes cyber.

This will move cybersecurity from being ‘by design’ to becoming ‘by default’ which is what makes the world a safer place online. Cyber should not be placed in a silo but must be integrated more into education and the workplace, which will ensure more skills are accelerated whilst also improving diversity.

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