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Expert Comment: Macmillan systems offline due to Ransomware Attack

June 2022 by Dr Darren Williams, CEO and Founder of Blackfog

As major publisher Macmillan announces it’s taken systems have been taken offline due to a ransomware attack, the expert comment from Dr Darren Williams, CEO at Blackfog, who notes that organisations must look to modern techniques that prevent exfiltration of data from the device in order to stop attackers in their tracks, rather than traditional, time-consuming and cumbersome approaches…

_"Taking systems offline post attack is a reassuring and necessary response to a ransomware attack such as this one against Macmillan, but as ever, prevention is better than cure. _


_Organisations need effective, modern protective security measures in place to prevent attacks. A common challenge with traditional defensive approaches to cybersecurity is that they require too much time to adequately protect organisations from these types of attacks, and often lead to a reliance on post-attack measures such as taking systems offline._


_Instead of waiting for an attack to happen and then responding, organisations should be focussed on newer technologies that prevent the exfiltration of data from the device, effectively stopping the attacker in their tracks. By looking at the mechanism of action across various ransomware gangs it is possible to stop these attacks at many stages of the attack life cycle and prevent a full-blown incident such as the one against Macmillan."_

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