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Expert Comment: Blackfog on RansomHouse’s AMD attack claim

June 2022 by Dr Darren Williams, CEO and Founder at Blackfog

AMD said it is investigating a potential data breach after RansomHouse, a relatively new data cybercrime operation, claims to have extorted data from the US chipmaker.

In addition to the fact that RansomHouse are focussing on large enterprises with weak security, Dr Darren Williams at ADX and ransomware prevention specialists, Blackfog notes that if an attacker wants to make their way in, they will, regardless of how weak or strong your password is, as their main focus is the data that leave with…

Dr Darren Williams, CEO and Founder at Blackfog:

_"We haven’t yet seen evidence of the attack on AMD, but RansomHouses’ recent attack on the Shoprite Group in South Africa would indicate that they are focused on large organisations with weak security. _

_As with all cyberattacks it really doesn’t matter how the bad actors found their way in, weak passwords or otherwise, if they want to find a way in they will be successful! What really matters is what data they were able to leave with._

_Extortion is the main focus for cybercriminal gangs and organizations should look to newer technologies like anti data exfiltration to stop them in their tracks and prevent any unauthorised data from being exfiltrated."_

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