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Evervault offers free encryption for all women’s health apps

July 2022 by Marc Jacob

Encryption firm Evervault has announced that it will offer its encryption services free of charge to women’s health apps so that no plaintext data on a user is visible.

This follows the news that American women are deleting period tracking apps amid fears the data collected by the apps could be used against them in future criminal cases.

We’ve included comment below from Shane Curran, Founder & CEO at Evervault that addresses the news and why this highlights the importance of encryption.

Shane Curran, Founder & CEO at Evervault:

_"Health tracking apps must prepare for when they are faced with legal action seeking users’ data to prosecute women who have looked to use abortion services. _

_Privacy-focused regulation like GDPR and the CCPA goes a long way to safeguarding health data but it would be a mistake to rely on these laws alone. Instead, health companies must take proactive steps to store as little data on a user as possible and implement strong encryption by default to prevent the misuse of sensitive information._

_Protocols including SSL and TLS used for encryption ensure complete privacy for both patients and medical organisations that are involved in the process. With American women deleting period tracking apps, Evervault is now free for women’s health apps so that data is encrypted and no plaintext sensitive information will ever be visible"_

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