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Endace and Ixia Partner to Secure and Monitor Networks

July 2018 by Marc Jacob

Endace and Ixia announced that they have jointly signed a technology partnership agreement. The partnership will focus on complementary and integrated solutions that enable joint customers to better manage the performance and security of their networks.

The discovery of data breaches continues to be problematic for organizations. According to Ponemon Research, it takes an average of 191 days to discover a data breach; In 60 percent of cases, according to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report[2], the discovery is made by someone outside of the organization.

In order to combat the issues surrounding the discovery of network anomalies, the combined solutions from Ixia and Endace provide enterprises with greater visibility into network activity and give analysts the detailed, packet-level evidence they need to go back-in-time to investigate and resolve security and network or application performance issues quickly and conclusively.

Ixia’s Vision portfolio of network packet brokers complements Endace’s high-performance EndaceProbe Analytics Platforms by enabling control over how packets are managed and where they are delivered. In addition, Ixia’s Vision ONE offers Active SSL decryption giving visibility into encrypted traffic and allowing it to be decrypted before it is recorded by, and stored on, EndaceProbes.

By hosting virtualized Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Application or Network Performance Monitoring (NPM/APM) on EndaceProbes, customers have a flexible and scalable ecosystem for real time monitoring of network traffic, including encrypted traffic. Customers can easily spin up new virtual monitoring applications on EndaceProbes to inspect traffic, decrypted by Ixia, in real time.

The new partnership has already borne fruit, with Ixia and Endace recently collaborating on a joint solution for financial traders. For high-frequency trading, the accuracy of market feeds from exchanges is critical. Delays or gaps in feeds can be extremely expensive. Ixia’s TradeVision network packet broker can monitor market data feeds from more than 100 exchanges and detect and alert when gaps or delays in market feeds occur. By combining TradeVision with EndaceProbes, market feed data can also be recorded, providing definitive evidence for analysts to troubleshoot any issues that TradeVision detects.

Integration between Splunk and EndaceProbes streamlines investigations when market feed errors are detected and lets analysts click on a TradeVision alert in Splunk to go directly to the related packet history on their EndaceProbes. Using the built-in EndaceVision application they can drill down to analyze even ultra-short-lived microburst events at packet level to see precisely what happens and respond appropriately.

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