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EclecticIQ launches Fusion Center Intelligence Essentials

November 2017 by Marc Jacob

EclecticIQ launches EclecticIQ Fusion Center Intelligence Essentials, a first-in-the-industry service that merges and normalizes 50+ intelligence sources into a single feed, providing contextual qualification for human analysts.

EclecticIQ Fusion Center Intelligence Essentials allows organizations of any size to jumpstart their Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) practices without compromising on quality.

Against the raids of talented hackers, an effective security response typically involves human-qualified threat intelligence. These dedicated human analysts allow a CTI practice to make sense of information in ways that automated solutions cannot match. Experienced threat analysts have traditionally been responsible for the critical and complex tasks of acquisition, collection, tagging and qualification of intelligence sources.

However, finding seasoned talent has been the biggest barrier to building a CTI practice. Even large enterprises have encountered significant difficulty in developing an in-house team of intelligence analysts. Given the time and investment required for analyst recruiting and training, only large and well-financed organizations have been able to operate a fully staffed CTI practice. Other organizations have delayed the expansion of their CTI practices, to the detriment of their cyber security posture.

The veteran analysts working at EclecticIQ’s Fusion Center offer human-qualified intelligence based on 50+ open-sources and a selection of commercial sources (incl. Redsocks, SenseCy and Verint) in a single feed, focusing on generic threats to any enterprise.

The feed consists of reports for human consumption by any stakeholder in an organization. It includes Structured Intelligence (based on - amongst others - the STIX industry standard), and a feed of Malicious IOCs and IOAs for further analysis (not only by Security Operation Centers and Incident Response teams) allowing for automated feeding into downstream Security Controls such as a SIEM.

With this launch, organizations can focus entirely on responding to threats without having to manage multiple intelligence feeds, thereby saving time and money.

EclecticIQ Fusion Center Intelligence Essentials is offered as an online subscription, that comes with support and various configuration options.

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