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Easyjet data breach comment

May 2020 by Tony Cole, CTO of Attivo

Today’s news of a data breach at Easyjet the following comment from Tony Cole, CTO of Attivo.

“The compromise at EasyJet which allowed an attacker to steal the data of approximately nine million customers is, unfortunately, an all too common occurrence.

Every year, enterprise CISOs deal with new organizational initiatives that potentially increase risk as systems and applications change. Fast migration to the cloud, for example, can sometimes be at the expense of comprehensive risk mitigation allowing new vulnerabilities to be discoverable. Over time financially motivated attackers will target any organization that may have compromised data that can be monetized. It’s important CISOs understand their risk based on their critical assets and equip their environment to detect those threats that slip past perimeter-based preventative tools.

There’s no such thing as a perfectly secure infrastructure so it’s crucial to be able to detect threats moving east-west across your enterprise before they have a chance to steal valuable data.”

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