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ETSI releases specification for Energy Efficient IP Video Surveillance enabling further IoT interoperability

June 2019 by Patrick LEBRETON

The ETSI Technical Committee ATTM has just released the ETSI specification TS 105 176-2, to provide interoperable Ethernet and Power over Coax solutions for IP video surveillance. The specification was developed to enable an energy efficient and sustainable transition from legacy analogue video surveillance systems to IP video surveillance systems thanks to the transmission of IP data over coaxial cable infrastructures, while ensuring safe and reliable power delivery.

ETSI TS 105 176-2 implementation ensures interoperability between a set of communication devices such as IP cameras, IP switches, video intercom systems, displays or IP audio devices connected over a coaxial cable infrastructure to a receiver device such as a power over coax switch device. This specification provides the ability to extend a video surveillance coaxial network with additional IP cameras or devices without having to deploy new cables from the head end device to a new front-end device.

ETSI TS 105 176-2 is the first standard of this family. It enables the interoperable transmission between devices of both power and IP data over long distances of coaxial cable infrastructures, hence allowing a robust, manageable and interoperable infrastructure.

The ETSI specification relies on the HomePlug AV family of standards for data transmission, which is a robust, very stable and interoperable technology largely deployed globally.

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