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ENISA’s Cyber-Threat overview 2015

January 2016 by ENISA

ENISA Threat Landscape 2015: A consolidated overview to the 15 top cyber threats together with detailed threat assessments in the emerging areas Software Defined Networks and Big Data.

ENISA’s Threat Landscape 2015 (ETL 2015) published today is the fifth yearly report in sequence, summarizing top cyber threats encountered in 2015. Building upon the achievements of the Cyber Security Strategy of the EU, this work delivers important input for the identification of emerging trends in cyber security.
For yet another year the 2015 edition of the cyber-threat landscape features a number of unique observations, the main one being the smooth advancement of maturity. As a matter of fact, cyber-space stakeholders have gone through varying degrees of further maturity. While the friendly agents – the good guys – have demonstrated increased cooperation and orchestrated reaction to cyber-threats, hostile agents – the bad guys – have advanced their malicious tools with obfuscation, stealthiness and striking power.

Besides elaboration on top threats, ENISA work on threat landscape has delivered some additional material targeting various stakeholder groups:

• A brochure with the seven most important conclusions from the 2015 threat analysis. This material targets the wider public, including policy makers, end-users, students and educators.

• A poster with the top 15 cyber threats assessed. This material targets the wider public, such as end-users, students, educators, etc.

• Threat assessments for two emerging technology areas: Software Defined Networks and Big Data. These reports - also referred to as thematic landscapes - deliver threat exposure of assets and identify good practices for protection, together with the security gaps identified.

• A threat taxonomy, being a tool for classifying and structuring information security and cyber threats.

Udo Helmbrecht, ENISA’s Executive Director, commented on the project: “Identification of threats and their dynamics in cyber-space is key in understanding asset exposure and risks. It is an important piece of knowledge that allows for understanding protection requirements, raising awareness and allowing for a better, yet more efficient assessment of risks. ENISA continues with providing strategic information in that area through its ENISA Threat Landscape. Together with the thematic landscapes, this work is a unique publicly available source providing both strategic and tactical intelligence on cyber-threats, tailored to the specific needs of a large amount of stakeholders.”

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