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ENISA concluded today its three-phased pan-European cybersecurity exercise Cyber

February 2015 by Marc Jacob

The two-day event brought together, for the first time ever in Europe, over 50 senior representatives from 23 European Union and EFTA countries, ranging from cybersecurity experts to senior decision makers, to discuss a simulated crisis which started, almost a year ago, with the Technical Level Exercise (
- security-exercise-to-date-cyber-europe-2014-taking-place-today) in April 2014.

The objective of the Strategic Level Exercise (SLEx) of CE2014 was to review the cyber crisis management mechanisms available at a national and European level and to discuss their limitations and possible future developments. In addition, the exercise addressed several key points, from crisis escalation to multinational cooperation and legal implications.

ENISA assists the EU Member States, through the cyber exercise series, in enhancing their preparedness to tackle current and future cyber security challenges. Initial conclusions of the exercise indicate the emergence of a strong pan-European community of cyber crisis managers, evidence that the EU cyber security community is maturing.

ENISA’s Executive Director (
- organization/executive-director) stated: "The Cyber security exercise series illustrates that we are ’stronger together’. Cyber Europe 2014 is a powerful instrument to analyse and improve critical cybersecurity issues at European level. Many lessons have been learnt and will be further analysed in the coming months".

ENISA is currently evaluating all the phases of the exercise and will present the lessons learned in May 2015. The next exercise, Cyber Europe 2016, will build upon the experience from Cyber Europe 2014 to continue improving cybersecurity in Europe.

Background information:

ENISA, with the cooperation of EU and EFTA Member States, organises the Cyber Exercise series to prepare for major cybersecurity crises. During the different phases of Cyber Europe 2014 in total over one thousand cyber security professionals from over four-hundred organisations and twenty-nine (29) countries, tested their procedures and capabilities against a realistic large
- scale cybersecurity scenario during #CyberEurope2014, the largest and most complex cybersecurity exercise organised in Europe.

For a quick peek inside Cyber Europe:
- into-cyber-europe

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