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Drupal vulnerability press statement from ExtraHop

November 2020 by Sri Sundaralingam, VP of Security Solutions at ExtraHop

The critical CVE (CVE-2020-13671) disclosed this week by the Drupal team is a Remote Code Execution vulnerability impacting Drupal core files. Since Drupal is widely used as the backbone of many websites, including by government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, this CVE has high potential for widespread exploitation by attackers. Like any RCE vulnerability, this can be used as a jumping off point to gain entry to the rest of the network. Much like the Drupalgeddon vulnerabilities from 2018, these vulnerabilities will likely soon be exploited via scripted attacks to deliver ransomware, for cryptomining activities, or to host malware on the compromised websites. The fix for this vulnerability requires users to update their Drupal deployments, which will take time and leave behind inevitable stragglers. Some percentage of Drupal deployments are likely to remain vulnerable to this CVE for years to come, and we’ll almost certainly see these vulnerabilities exploited in the wild in 2021 and beyond, if not sooner.

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