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Do you want to master the art of strategy for cybersecurity? Follow our training powered by Bluecyforce. Attend our first session 12th April, 2017

February 2017 by Marc Jacob

Nowadays, CIOs, CISOs and cybersecurity professionals cope with managerial and strategic challenges of high complexity: supporting business developments, facilitating the adoption of new digital uses (open data, IoT, cloud ...), addressing the requirements of multiple regulators, and managing the cyber threats.

Previously operational and technical, the stakes of cybersecurity encompass both levers of confidence and business development as well as those that preserve and ensure the sustainability of the company.

BUSINESS DIGITAL SECURITY (, a strategy and marketing advisory firm, in partnership with CADRAN7, offers cybersecurity professionals a unique training in order to provide them with a “toolbox" of strategic analysis that can be leverage operationally in their business.

The "Art of strategy for cybersecurity" masterclass is part of an educational pathway dedicated to managers and powered by Bluecyforce, the first operational cybersecurity training center in France. This training is delivered in intercompany companies’ model at the premises of Bluecyforce in Paris Montparnasse, but can also be offered in intra-company model on request.

The purpose of this masterclass is to:
• Remind participants of key concepts and business strategy tools
• Allow them to better understand the strategy of their organization
• Provide strategic insights to the cybersecurity market
• Acquire a business language that facilitates communication with senior executives, board of directors and shareholders
• Leverage strategy principles and tools into one cybersecurity approach
• Strengthen the position of participants as executives

Beyond the methodological contributions, practical cases specific to their business-as-usual activity of cybersecurity will be presented to the participants. This one-day training will be followed by two hours of tailored coaching for the participants wishing it.

The first session will take place on 12th April 2017. First sessions benefit from a very attractive launch price!

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