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Diagonal Group has just launched its Cloud offer with DCforDATA in Lyon

April 2014 by Marc Jacob

The Diagonal Group extends its ERP integration offer to the network, and relies on DCforDATA infrastructure to host its new offerings.

DCforDATA is a Tier III Datacenter specialized in hosting and computer-based telecom infra-structures in Lyon. The Diagonal Group, present in Lyon for over 20 years, is recognized for its expertise in the area of Microsoft Management Nav and Sage solutions integration.

The growing customer demand for outsourcing their infrastructure, and increasing performance in the use of ERP, led the DIAGONAL Group to develop a Cloud offering.

The marketplace created by the Hosting Company DCforDATA has attracted Didier Verdillon, Head of DIAGONAL Group.

Provide SMEs to safety of Datacentres

"We are monitoring the market closely, and have chosen to work on both our business, our positioning and visibility: new visual identity, new offers. It is important for us to introduce our hosting service with real professionalism, as we proposed until now. Our client base is important: we offer a local service recognized, and a Datacenter level of security, an SME can not afford "

DCforDATA, specialized in pure Housing provides the necessary infrastructure to System Integrators, publishers, and operators: Networks, Energy and Security. The Datacenter is using the "cold corridors" technology, the latest available one.

Outsource the infrastructure and know where the data are

The System Integrator made mandatory that the data remains in the Lyon region while providing their customers an infrastructure incorporating new skills and offering new services:
- Servers on demand, spare, management, supervision and backup.
- Office applications, management, accounting and payroll in Cloud mode.

Payroll outsourcing in the Cloud

The DIAGONAL Group also brings the Sage payroll outsourced cloud service: as a turnkey so-lution, it is very fast to implement.

The Lyon Integrator followed the evolution of the publisher. This latest Sage offering reflects the demand of the market. The product is sensitive, it requires support, where an offer to free them-selves from the administration, environment software, and pool maintenance.

Now, SMEs can chose to outsource their environment, IT infrastructure, data with the Diagonal Group, in Rhône-Alpes, and this safely. They shall enjoy all the benefits of the Datacenter: broadband, security equipment and security infrastructure.

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