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Device Authority Announces $2.9 Million in Funding to Accelerate Revenue Growth

December 2021 by Marc Jacob

Device Authority announces a $2.9 million funding round led by Tern PLC, ALP and Venafi. The funding will be used to accelerate the revenue growth of the company through expansion within the core markets, most notably the US, whilst accelerating further enhancements to the development of their flagship product, KeyScaler platform.

Device Authority has been working closely with Venafi since joining Venafi’s Machine Identity Management Development Fund in 2019. The Development Fund sponsored Device Authority to create an innovative solution to protect against supply chain attacks on software updates. This allows IoT teams to easily sign software updates with KeyScaler and then instantly deliver them from the cloud with Venafi CodeSign Protect. Security teams have complete visibility and machine identities are not exposed to attackers. KeyScaler customers can also use Venafi and its connection to over 40 Certificate Authorities (CAs) as a source of machine identities for IoT devices. And now Venafi, along with its group company, Jetstack, are collaborating with Device Authority to bring Machine Identity Management powered by Kubernetes to the IoT edge.

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