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Details of 117 million LinkedIn on darknet - comments from Webroot

May 2016 by Webroot

Following the news that details of 117 million LinkedIn users have been advertised on the darknet, David Kennerley, senior manager for threat research at Webroot, comments:

"It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a rich pool of data and there’s no doubt this made it an extremely attractive target for the hacker. Although some steps to mitigate the problem such as resetting passwords of affected accounts were taken by LinkedIn at the time of the initial breach in 2012, the inability to accurately predict the scale of the problem has resulted in far more users being affected than should have been.

"In today’s threat landscape, users can never just rely on organisations to keep their personal details safe - they must take as many steps as possible to secure it themselves. In this case, ensuring that the password used for LinkedIn is different to other accounts is crucial. This will limit the potential impact on other accounts, including email which can lead to other more sensitive information being stolen."

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