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Deloitte survey - cyber theft hits one in five consumers - comments from Webroot

November 2015 by Webroot

Following the news that more than a fifth of consumers have had personal details stolen and their accounts used to make purchases, according to a survey by Deloitte, please find below comments from David Kennerley, senior manager for threat research at cybersecurity firm Webroot.

“The results of this survey shouldn’t be surprising. They highlight the very real impact that major cyber-breaches have on individual users. The fallout from attacks like the TalkTalk breach can continue for months after the event. But online protection has to be a joint effort from both businesses and consumers. Companies must invest in appropriate security measures to ensure consumer details are safeguarded but users have to take some responsibility for monitoring the information they share online. By regularly changing passwords, revoking app permissions and disabling browser add-ons, consumers can limit their exposure when a cyber-attack takes place.”

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