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Deep Instinct comments on NCSC advisory

July 2021 by Justin Vaughan-Brown, VP Product Marketing at Deep Instinct

Justin Vaughan-Brown, VP Product Marketing at Deep Instinct comments on the NCSC joint advisory offering advice on the most common software vulnerabilities that are currently being exploited by cyber criminals:

“With the onslaught of attacks we have witnessed in the past six months alone, it is reassuring to see government agencies across the world come together to show commitment in combatting cyber threats. The recent NCSC joint advisory aims to make organisations aware of the common attacks targeting their sector and the methods they can take to mitigate these attacks, which can only be seen as a positive step in the right direction.

With that being said, too much emphasis is often put onto mitigation instead of prevention. In order to truly combat cyber threats, organisations need to establish a “prevention-first mindset” and consider the ways in which they can actually stop an attack before it’s entered the network, by which point it is often already too late. Attacks need to execute and run before they are picked up and checked to see if they are malicious, sometimes taking as long as 60 seconds or more. When dealing with an unknown threat, some approaches need 60 seconds or more to make a decision, by which time the infection has already started.

We no longer need to settle for mitigation, as technology such as deep learning in now available to prevent cyber attacks. Deep learning can deliver a sub-20 millisecond response time to stop attacks that may be entering a network due to a software vulnerability, before they can even take hold.”

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