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Deep Instinct Launches Stratosphere MSSP Program

August 2022 by Marc Jacob

Deep Instinct announced the formal launch of its Stratosphere Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) program. It’s designed to enable MSSPs to bring Deep Instinct to customers all over the world, increasing the security posture of their customers while growing their business. Deep Instinct provides a secure, multi-tenancy security platform that can effortlessly support a multitude of clients on a single solution.

MSSPs understand that ransomware is the top cybersecurity concern for many of their customers, and that the rapid escalation of false positives from less accurate solutions is straining their already stressed and overworked staff. In addition, with the dynamic nature of today’s remote and hybrid workforce, a lack of secure connectivity to the internet has created several additional risks, including use of personal devices for work and weak security controls. Couple this with the fact that most endpoint protection technologies rely on daily signature updates, and the risk of a breach further increases given the number of malware variants that are created daily.

The Deep Instinct Stratosphere MSSP Program addresses these concerns by providing access to the company’s best-in-class endpoint protection platform that was custom-built with MSSP’s requirements in mind. Driving new business is a key MSSP requirement, and Deep Instinct’s unique enablement strategy creates a symbiotic relationship focused on partner profitability first.

The Deep Instinct Stratosphere MSSP Program provides partners with the following key benefits:

• Immediate Cost Savings: With more than 40% reduction in alerts and false positive events, and a false positive rate of less than 0.1%, as validated by Unit 221B, Deep Instinct eliminates the costs associated with help desk calls, time spent troubleshooting, and re-imaging infected systems. This allows MSSP’s to support more clients with less staff.
• Ease of Management: Provides a multi-tenancy, single pane of glass experience for monitoring and supporting clients easily and securely. MSSPs can view and respond to all threats and events at a glance in one master console and have the flexibility to drill down to individual clients for incredible detail with a single click.
• Business Flexibility: License options are available for all product features. Customers can be billed either monthly or annually on the base rate of a single, all-inclusive price per seat.
• Technical Account Manager: An assigned technical expert is available to assist with the Deep Instinct Prevention Platform.
• Access to MDF and Leads: In addition to prospect leads from Deep Instinct, MSSPs may be eligible to earn Marketing Development Fund (MDF) rebates to drive additional demand generation activities.

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