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Data protection will make or break you and your business!

January 2022 by Saket Modi, Co-founder & CEO at Safe Security

If the last few years have taught us something, it is the fact that digital security has an impact on both consumers and businesses. Whether it is the leaked credentials of customers on the Twitch hack or the leak of Pandora papers, data protection and cybersecurity are on top of everyone’s agenda. There was a surge of cyberattacks than ever before throughout 2021, and according to data from Check Point Research corporate networks saw 50 percent more attacks per week when compared to the previous year, and yet businesses continue to depend on traditional methods of cyber risk management.

As we continue to embrace remote work, the cloud, and a technology-first world, organizations need to ensure data security irrespective of where and how it is accessed. Security and risk management executives need to know the real-time risk postures across the enterprise, and at a micro-level across people, process, technology, cybersecurity products, and third parties. Businesses need to adopt SaaS Cyber Risk Quantification platforms that provide an aggregated view of cyber risks across people, processes, technology, and third parties on a single dashboard, and their potential financial value at risk in case a data breach occurs within the next 12 months. This will make cyber risk communication simple and accurate.

As we enter into 2022, digital immunity and data protection will become the key pillar of growth, trust, and customer retention for businesses, and they will need to efficiently and seamlessly manage an ever-increasing threat profile and attack canvas.

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