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Data Privacy Day – Yubico comments

January 2022 by Nic Sarginson, Principal Solutions Engineer at Yubico

This Data Privacy Day, Nic Sarginson, Principal Solutions Engineer at Yubico urges individuals to think about how their data is used and how they can better protect it. YubiKeys enable enterprises including Google to secure 85,000+ of its employees against online fraud, as well as helping to secure access to government services, including

“All too often we sign away our data online by clicking ‘I agree’ on terms and conditions pages without really reading them and just inherently trusting the organisation to use our data safely. Data Privacy Day is a good reminder for individuals to learn more about how to protect our data online.

“Unfortunately, bad actors like to take advantage of chaotic situations. The pandemic and ongoing work from home guidance combined with new legislation as a result of Brexit has created culture of confusion, giving bad actors plenty of opportunities for fraudulent access. Companies should use Data Privacy Day to help their employees better understand how to secure their accounts, both corporate and private.

“The good news is that over the past couple of years we have spent more time online than ever before – working, schooling, socialising, shopping – raising awareness of the issues around data privacy. We have also been introduced to new forms of data sharing through contact tracing apps. All of these new practices have created a shift in our collective understanding of data privacy. When contact tracing apps were first introduced there were many concerns about how individuals’ data would be used, and if there was a risk of privacy breaches.

“The concerns raised by the contact tracing apps are a good example of the first step that individuals should take when signing up to an app or website which is to stop and think about how the organisation might use your data. This in turn should serve as a reminder to organisations that good data privacy practices will attract and retain customers. This Data Privacy Day, take back control over your data, upgrade your security beyond just a password and implement strong two-factor authentication to better protect yourself while raising the bar on user expectations.”

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