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Data Privacy Day: Aubrey Turner, Executive Advisor at Ping Identity, on effective data management.

January 2022 by Aubrey Turner, Executive Advisor at Ping Identity

Data Privacy Day, the comment from Aubrey Turner, Executive Advisor at Ping Identity, on the importance of businesses informing consumers about how their data is used.

“Privacy is really about choice. It’s about allowing customers to understand how their data will be used - giving them the clear, simple option to opt-in or out. And with the pandemic sparking rapid digital transformation, more products and services are now being sold online, so it’s vital that businesses make customers aware of their autonomy and how their data is used. Additionally, the misalignment and gap between technology and regulation will continue to exist and widen in some cases as we accelerate into a period of unprecedented technological convergence and innovations. So again, it will be incumbent on businesses to honour customer privacy versus exploiting these differences and inconsistencies in a version of privacy arbitrage.

“According to our latest figures, 85% of people are interested in learning about how online services share their personal information. With that in mind, businesses must listen to this -and offer clarity - if they’re to increase customer loyalty. In fact, failure to do so will lead to shortcomings – as we are already seeing- as two thirds (60%) of consumers walk away from an online account due to privacy concerns.

“As data becomes increasingly valuable to businesses, and more and more competitors come to market, it’s vital that privacy measures aren’t relaxed. Awareness days, like today, call for businesses to pinpoint their privacy policy, showing how they’re giving customers control - but this conversation, and action, needs to happen all year round.”

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