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Dashlane Launches

September 2021 by Marc Jacob

Dashlane launched, a new site to help businesses of all sizes better identify cybersecurity issues, avoid costly security mistakes, and quickly take action to address them. Companies can use for instant visibility into their organization’s cybersecurity: simply enter an email address with a company domain and follow the verification process, and Dashlane delivers an executive summary showing the organization’s security report card, which includes the number of emails, breached passwords, and additional vulnerabilities. Anyone who uses will also receive a free trial of Dashlane Team or Dashlane Business.

Gaining more visibility into a company’s cybersecurity practices is crucial, as hacks can cost a company over $4M, which doesn’t account for the costs of a company’s reputational losses and diminished customer loyalty. Additionally, 80 percent of breaches are caused by weak, reused, or stolen employee passwords. makes it simple for organizations—whether they have an internal security lead or not—to take preventative action. When companies understand the results of security initiatives, they can be more efficient and adjust strategies accordingly.

Cyberattacks are damaging to businesses world-wide and data breaches have increased by 20 percent since the rise in remote work. Visibility into security issues is the first step, and allows organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of their security for free. Dashlane also helps people and businesses take quick action to address these issues, with the industry’s first Historical Password Health Score Reporting tool, offering in-depth visibility into employee password security and the ability to track improvements over time.

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