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Cyren Launches Community Edition of its URL Classification Engine

December 2021 by Marc Jacob

Cyren, a provider of email security and threat intelligence solutions announced the expansion of its Threat Intelligence Services product line to include a cloud-based programmatic interface to Cyren’s web categorization engine. The new offering makes it easy for security researchers and product managers to access Cyren’s URL classification cloud to identify unwanted and malicious web content.

The Internet permeates every aspect of our business and personal lives, including web-based threats. To protect users and organizations from legal risks of inappropriate content and cyber-risks from threats like phishing and ransomware, product managers, software developers, and security researchers/analysts need accurate and timely categorization of web content. Ultimately, the success of the solutions and efforts depends on fast and accurate categorization of web content to ensure a superior user experience and efficient response to threats.

Cyren’s Web Security Engine provides the most highly relevant web coverage, uncompromising accuracy, and real-time security—all delivered from a low-latency, high-accuracy cloud architecture. The Cyren URL classification cloud processes over 1 billion URLs each day by analyzing web and email traffic on a global scale. It combines machine learning, heuristics, and human analysis to provide real-time visibility with low false positives. The URLs are classified into 84 categories, including 13 security categories for web threats like phishing and malware. The Cyren technology and intelligence is already in use by global cloud service providers and cybersecurity brands around the world.

There are multiple subscription options for the API including a free Community Edition that is ideal for security research and rapid prototyping.

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